about talkward


Hello. I’m Matthew van der Want, a South African attorney and songwriter. I live in Norwood, Johannesburg.

I’m a fan of podcasts and I listen to hundreds of different ones.They are better than radio because the medium lets you decide what you want to listen to and doesn’t force you to listen to what someone else thinks you should.

I’ve wanted to start my own for a long time because I’ve been inspired by some podcast hosts’ ability to talk to people so that they open up and reveal things about themselves that perhaps even they didn’t know. I find it powerful when two people connect like that.

I’m not a social person at all, but I still have a need to connect properly with people and I’m hoping to use this new podcast to do so.

Every episode, I’ll tell you what’s been happening to me and what I’ve been thinking and feeling and, before that becomes too excruciating, I’ll then feature me having a conversation with someone that I’d like to understand a bit better. I’m hoping to speak to a wide range of different people.

The first episode features my conversation with music producer Lloyd Ross. The next episode will feature comedian Deep Fried Man. After that, I’ll see who I can get to come and expose themselves…

I hope you enjoy Talkward.